Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I Am Afia, Megha, Abhimanyu and Omar

Onir’s I Am left me slightly disappointed because I thought the film as a whole was a bit forgettable really. The four stories worked well on their own individual short stories but as a whole there was not really anything holding my interest throughout the film.

I Am Afia was probably the most forgettable of all but I did enjoy the use of Bengali in the short. The theme of single mothers isn’t as rare in Indian Cinema as it was 30 or 40 years ago and there was nothing new to me about the story of a husband claiming not to want children only to find somebody new who he does want children with. I would have preferred if the story had a different angle to it just to make it more engaging. I was more interested in why Purab Kohli was repeatedly giving sperm rather than Afia’s story.

I was obviously expecting to like I Am Megha the most since Juhi is the only reason I wanted to watch the film but I thought Manisha was really disappointing in it. I didn’t ever feel any conviction in her character. I did like Juhi’s world weary and cynical Megha who annoyed me just the right amount. And I was happy to hear Juhi speaking some Kashmiri, she naturally speaks a lot calmer and slower nowadays that it sounded natural to me at least. Not that I speak Kashmiri so I wouldn’t know.

My favourite story was probably I Am Abhimanyu. I thought Sanjay Suri played the character and his internal conflict really well. The supporting characters in this short were also my favourite. I thought Abhi changing his name was interesting and very telling of his desire to disassociate himself from what he terms the ‘sluttish’ behaviour of his youth and also the abuse he suffered and his parents.

My least favourite was I Am Omar. Jai just didn’t seem like a very likeable character to me. It was obvious he was expecting something in return for introducing Omar to his director friend. That’s not to say he deserved what happened to him at all but I didn’t feel as much sympathy for him as I would have perhaps another character in the same situation.

The film is available on YouTube with subtitles if you want to check it out for yourself.


  1. I was really looking forward to the film, so I'm sorry to see that you didn't like it! But I've been dying to see it--so thanks for posting that link! I didn't even think to check YouTube! I guess I'll have to watch soon and report back :)

    Also, Juhi is DEFINITELY my main reason for wanting to watch the movie. She is divine.

  2. Agree wtih every single word! I too was disapointed by I Am also because critics praised it so much.

  3. @The Bolly 'Hood: I didn't hate it, I just had higher expectations of it really. No problem, do let me know what you thought of the film yourself.

    Definitely! :D

    @Gaja Gamini: It really didn't live up to the hype and critics reviews. Thank you for commenting. :)

  4. Just watched this movie and I'm disappointed as well! I'll definitely be writing about it soon, but I do agree with pretty much everything you said.

  5. Man, the video isn't available for german users :(. Like you were, I'm quite excited to see it myself, even though all of you were a bit disappointed.

  6. Oh no! It's very strange a lot of Bollywood things are region-blocked only in Germany. I hope you do get to watch it though :)