Saturday, 17 November 2012

Realistic Wardrobe Edition #13

Today's edition features Chalte Chalte starring Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukherji. This will be my third Realistic Wardrobe post in a row featuring Rani Mukherji. I have no regrets.

Raj and Priya are very different people but  they fall in love and get married. But they start to realise just because opposites attract it doesn't mean that they should. He owns a barely surviving truck company while she designs clothes for Australian companies (apparently). Priya also comes from a much better background than Raj, but he is unwilling to accept monetary help from her family. They seem to have enough money for clothes though ;)

1. Raj's white suit, pale pink shirt and silvery blue tie.

 2. Priya's white top

3. Priya's red nightdress.

4&5. Raj and Priya's sleeping outfits

6. Raj's grey suit and dark blue shirt which he wears three times. I like that Raj can't afford multiple suits since they are usually expensive.

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  1. I always thought Raj looked too good to be that poor. Especially with this light, sky blue shirt he wore with white pants. Looked something right off FabIndia. So this makes a lot of sense.Rani looks simple, though. I mean, very okayish. I can expect a housewife to look like that(since Indian women are always good at bargaining when it comes to clothes, so I expect them to get good stuff cheap) but Raj could have dressed more aptly with a few more checks, no?